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About Us


The NGO Development Center (NDC) is the largest Palestinian organization of its kind working hand-in-hand with Palestinian NGOs and community development organizations to improve the delivery of services in unserved and underserved areas to marginalized segments of society and build a more efficient and responsive Palestinian civil society. Our programs and grants empower Palestinians to help Palestinians by providing NGOs the skills, tools and funds required to address social needs and promote self-reliance amidst poverty.

NDC advocates greater NGO transparency and accountability through the adoption of professional financial and management practices. We promote sector-wide coordination and sharing of best practice experiences within our programs and through our Masader portal and the Palestinian NGO Code of Conduct. Our support to the four main Palestinian NGO Networks and Unions along with our inclusive and participatory relationship with strategic partners (the PA, International Donors, NGOs, beneficiaries and Palestinian public and private sector) form our mandate. Our commitment to sector development and individual NGOs reflects our comprehensive approach to sustainable development while our complimentary funding streams demonstrate our understanding of development as a holistic process.



"An independent Palestinian civil sector, vital, effective, and capable of dealing with emerging challenges (Resilient)"



NDC is a Palestinian non-profit organization that supports the NGO sector in Palestine through the provision of financial and technical support.

Strategic Objectives


1. NDC is a main mechanism for supporting and developing NGOs to respond to the community’s most pressing needs.

2. NGOs are better able to carry out their tasks effectively.

3. Sufficient and suitable resources that are responsive to the NGO sector which cultivates best practices, enhances its performance, and increases its impact.