A Strategic Framework to Strengthen the Palestinian NGO Sector 2013-2017 | NDC

A Strategic Framework to Strengthen the Palestinian NGO Sector 2013-2017

This year, the NDC is updating the sector development strategy with the assistance of the Agence Française de Développement (AFD). Unlike the previous strategy, this one aims to engage a wider audience both in preparation and in implementation. An intensive consultative process involving a wide range of NGOs in different regions of Palestine was established to arrive at this strategic framework. Like the previous strategy, the new strategic framework aims to provide a strategic direction to NGOs in addressing the key issues that the Palestinian society will face in the next five years within their area of competence. The strategy establishes a framework that encourages NGOs to align their current programs and projects as a way to achieve strategic objectives that will lead to a five-year goal.

 It also identifies specific indicators by which the attainment of strategic objectives can be measured.  A participatory implementation strategy has also been developed to create a large support behind it. The framework includes a monitoring and evaluation system that would help in the regular assessment of the successes as well as the challenges in implementation and in proposing modifications and amendments when needed. One of the main features of the strategic framework is an effort to build complementarity in working with the government and other sectors of society in attaining their common goals for the Palestinian people.


The final product is not a strategic plan that is intended to be implemented by a single organization.  It is not the strategic plan of the NDC but a strategic framework that is owned by the NGO sector and jointly implemented by NGOs .  The resulting strategic framework is an ambitious attempt to mobilize the NGO sector in influencing the future of Palestine.  It is unprecedented in scope and collaboration arrangements.  It will test the maturity of the NGO sector in its ability to work together towards a common goal.