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The Palestinian NGOs Code of Conduct

The Palestinian NGOs Code of Conduct entails the objectives of Palestinian NGOs with the level of its aspiration for values, good governance, community development and freedom for Palestinians.

This Code of Conduct seeks to set up the pace for NGOs  to be responsive to the challenges facing democratic change. This involves participation to create a proper  environment allowing self-determination, individually as well as collectively. Through the principles included in this document, the NGOs (that will choose to sign this document) undertake, voluntarily, to consider national liberation, social, economic and political development on top of their agendas while staying upto-date with the unfolding trends. It is committed that the work mechanisms are in line with the needs and aspirations of the Palestinian people while respecting the value-system and human rights. This also applies to standards of transparency and accountability regarding the usage of resources. In general, this document asserts the principle of good governance in its performance. It seeks to be a model consolidating monitoring principles to protect the institution from any deviations. The Document falls in line with the Palestinian Basic Law that was endorsed on May 29, 2002. It ensured that the freedom of establishing such organizations is a basic right that must be protected.